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My Story

Who Am I?

I am a leader. I am a steward. I am someone that cares deeply about purpose and the meaning of life. YOLO- right? I am someone who believes you only live once in this lifetime– so what are you going to do with your life, your talents, your purpose?

Over 20 years ago I started on a journey to know and understand my purpose. I was taught as a young girl that everyone is born with a purpose so I wanted to know and understand my own. That journey started me on a mission that revealed my purpose to empower people to know their own. This launched the book The Key and a whole host of life experiences to help others unleash the potential within to be what God created them to be in this answer.  


The key to life and living your purpose is within you. You need to get it out!


I can help. With the learnings over the last 20 years, I have stories to share and insights to give that will transform your life and way of thinking and help cultivate you on your path.


Tam Talks Truth is an opportunity to connect in an authentic way with people on the journey of life.


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What is Tam Talks Truth?

Tam Talks Truth is an opportunity for Tamarah to share life lessons that have transformed her into living a life of purpose and meaning over a life overburdened with guilt, fear, perfection and helplessness. She has experienced it all and desires to share Truthful Tips to empower a life of purpose.

Purpose Seeking

Do you know your purpose?  Why are you here...on earth?

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Do you need someone to help push you in the right direction to help you be the best version of yourself by getting you to think differently?

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Truth Finding 

Truthful Tip with Tam: you must Internalize the Truth...

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True-Vine Consulting can help support your individual, executive and organizational consulting needs. 

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Do You Know Your

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At True-Vine, we are passionate about identifying the God-given purpose that is within YOU!  Finding your strengths is not only crucial in executing your purpose but it also challenges you to dig deep and take an introspective analysis of yourself.

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